Agricultural Technology Studies Program

Agricultural Technology Studies Program

Excellence and Employment Opportunities

1. A short study period (can be reached within a period of 3.5 years).

2.Tersedia scholarships of up to 7 semesters.

3.Mendidik graduates to be:

Food Technologist (Expert food technology)
Ability to work in the food industry / processing of agricultural and food product development, quality control of food products, food quality analysis, researchers, and guarantee food security.
Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur)
Able to develop the food industry and create their own jobs or entrepreneurship.
Leader (Leader)
Having the ability success skull, so as to act as a leader of an organization or business unit in the company or government agency or private professional manner.
Having the ability to learn independently so that they can adapt quickly to the environment danmampu worked as an educator (teacher or lecturer).
4. Able to educate graduates who are active, creative, and independent through a learning system based Student Centered Learning in the lecture room facilities are air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia tools and a fairly modern laboratory.
5. 56% of qualified teaching staff Doctor, all the Masters, and has obtained the Certificate of Professional Educators.
6. Implementation of the thesis can be through three alternatives:
literature study
field survey
Research in the laboratory
7. Lecturers and students won numerous research grants to help fund students in the implementation of the final project.
Nutrition and Functional Food
Industrial Crop Food and Gardening
Marine Products Industry, Fisheries and Livestock
Food Fermentation Industry
Food Security
Food Industry Management
Laboratory facilities
Supporting laboratory include: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Quality Controller, Agricultural Products Processing, Computer and English.
pilot Plan
Tools pilot plan that supports research, practice, and the development of entrepreneurial spirit in the field of food processing, including processing equipment: bakery, noodles processed meat (meatballs, nuggets, sausages, etc.), Vacuum frying for processed fruits and vegetables, extruder for snack production.
Supporting Facilities
SME Center
Sport Center
room HMPS
hotspot Area
computer Students
Online Library
Food Security
Department of Education and Sports
Improving Academic Achievement
Student Learning Assistance
Improved Performance Extracurricular
Foundation House of Mangala