Study Program


Reality that Indonesia’s economy is still dependent on the agricultural sector can not be denied again. On the other hand the agricultural sector is capital intensive, technology-intensive, and solid human resources. The condition is reaping the consequences of the adequacy of preparation of experts in the agricultural sector which is recognized to be the largest labor absorbing. Consider the reality of the Faculty of Agro-Industry UMB-Yogya an opportunity to join develop themselves in the field of science Agrotechnology, Animal Industry and Technology of Agriculture, all of which have been accredited by BAN (National Accreditation Board).

The three disciplines in the Faculty of Agro-Industry guarantee the success of agricultural cultivation from upstream to downstream are suspected to be the determinant of the success of agricultural development. In accordance with the Chairman of the Foundation’s commitment HR. Probosutedjo are very concerned about the development of agriculture. Faculty of Agro-Industry UMB-Yogya who pioneered began in 1986, prepares graduates to be able to bring the conception of integrated agricultural technology (integrated farming) and reliable in multi-product development in the agricultural sector. Another Kunggulan UMB Faculty of Agro-Industry Yogyakarta is the qualification of teachers who are all masters degree, and 30% of them hold a doctorate. To print graduate ready to plunge into the world of work, the design of appropriate curriculum standards established Directorate of Higher Education Ministry of National Education and the formulation always involve stakeholders user graduates. Currently UMB Faculty of Agro-Industry-Yogya is in the process of opening the Master Program.



Accredited Rating B (SK BAN PT No. 019 / BAN_PT / Ak-XIII / S-1 / IX / 2010)


Accredited rank B (SK BAN-PT No.022 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / S-1 / X / 2010)


Accredited rank B (SK BAN-PT No. 023 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / S-1 / X / 2010)


1. Lecture rooms are air-conditioned and equipped Multimedia (LCD, computer, overhead projector, etc.)

2. The trial Gardens area of 7 ha equipped for Mechanization of Agriculture, Livestock, and handling of waste agricultural / livestock (biogas production)

3. Engineering Laboratory for pilot scale manufacturing of food products plan

4. Chemical Laboratory, Agricultural Products Processing and Sensory food products

5. Laboratory of Nutrition and Animal Production

6. Laboratory of Soil, Plant Protection and Agronomy

7. Laboratory of Biology and Microbiology

Ease of Education to expedite the completion of the study.

1. Remedial / repair test

2. The task can be completed through the end of the thesis or non-thesis

3. Got guidance intensive study completion either through face-to-face and e-mail, so that the travel time of study for high school students / equivalent programmed selama3,5 – 4 years and for students transfer / D3 programmed pass of 1 – 1.5 years.